Aly in Wonderland

Queen of the Tearling - the hell is even happening?

I have not finished reading this. However I have decided to add bits to my review every 100 pages or so for my own entertainment -- and yours.



Review at 174 pages in 

When someone gives me a book and tells me it's high fantasy with magic, I expect this:

You know? I expect a world of your own making, magic, fantastic creatures, prophecies, witches, dragons, everything that relates to "fantasy".

Instead, what I got is:

- an unlikeable, whiny heroine that is so bloody stupid.

- a confusing era. I came into this expecting high fantasy, but all I got was fantasy, in the "in your dreams" sense. There is a half-arsed attempt at dystopian world-building, yet it's somewhat set in the medieval ages. Apparently, for some screwed up reason, the story takes place a couple of hundred years from now, where technology and human advancement don't exist. They mention the year 248, e-books, the church, Britain, doctors with real painkillers and anaesthetics, New London and Europe but these peoplefight with swords and shields, have armours, ride horses, shovel mud, women have no rights but their vaginas have plenty, people are whipped in the middle of the street, there are SLAVES. So are you telling me that hundreds of years from now, we're going to abandon technology and human rights for cow poop and horses? Really?

- really dumb guards. These people are supposed to be guarding her life but fail miserably by shouting out "dresses and dolls, Lady!" in the middle of the woods when they're in 'hiding', get drunk on the night shift when they're still in hiding in the middle of the woods and fail at protecting her by letting someone STAB HER.

So because of this utter, utter mess, I've decided to write a review whilst I read. Why? Because GR doesn't let you write in depth status updates (thanks for that character limit, by the way) so this is the only way I can vent the stupidity and anger out of my system.

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