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Friends, help!

Hi all! I decided to take a BIG step today and post my Camp NaNoWriMo story on WATTPAD. 


So far, only the preface, prologue and first chapter are up but depending on how things go, I'll be posting more. I'd absolutely love some feedback -- whether it's good or bad -- so would anyone be interested in reading/commenting?


It's not edited at all and I know there are some errors and some plot holes, which will be cleared up in the second draft. It's still a WIP so be kind, even if you think it's only worth as toilet paper, ha!




A curse. A murder. Secrets, lies and deception. Welcome to Clifton Island, where people disappear and young girls die. Do not believe everything you hear, for eyes lie and mouths betray. Ivy and her family are fleeing from their town after a brutal accident took Ivy's beauty. With brother Jeremy, and her mother they end up on Clifton Island, a dainty, pretty place off the coast of Scotland. They almost can't believe their luck when they find a beautiful mansion to buy. But everything is not as it seems. Throw in a stalker, murders and a jumpy love interest, and this may just be the story of your nightmares


Shelved under horror/thriller with a little bit of romance





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