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The Fight Against Amazon

Yesterday, my beloved friend and author Nenia Campbell finally, after weeks and weeks of waiting, published her FIRST EVER BDSM book Bound to Accept  (click on the link to add it to your TBR, it's going to be insane!) but there is a major problem now...


Bound to Accept has been BANNED from Amazon. Why? Apparently it went against their TOS for 'offensive or graphic material' (I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it).


Let me just tell you that I doubt BtA is any more graphic or "offensive" than 50 Shades of Gray, or even Tears of Tess which is about a girl that gets sold into sex slavery and is raped day in and day out. So why did BtA get banned? For something like that? When there are hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of books that are ten times more offensive? As a fan of Nenia, I am beyond pissed. Because I live in the UK, I'd have to buy her book on Smashwords and the conversion completely screws around with my bank. Oh, and I'm just going to mention that it's not the first time they've unjustly banned one of Nenia's books. TERRORSCAPE was banned, too. Not only that, but they are now saying they will shut down her account and stop her from publishing her works, which means Nenia will literally lose hundreds of dollars in profit. Is this fair? Even remotely?


Seems like someone's got a little somethin' against her.


This isn't fair. A major corporation like Amazon relies on people like Nenia, the popular self-publishers, to rake in a good profit. So why on earth are they stopping her from working?


I AM PISSED. Please, spread the word of this injustice and help Nenia publish her beautiful books without restraints. Why the double standards, Amazon? WHY?



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