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Save the Date - Tamara Summers

Oh me, oh my. One way to describe this book would be "interesting". Another would be "lacking" or "clichéd" or "OTT". After all, it's a book about weddings, bridezillas, a 'Wedding Curse' and a forever bridesmaid. What could you expect?

Inge's review sums up perfectly everything I felt with this book.Even though she warned me off it a gazillion times, my curiosity took the better of me... and look how that's turned out.

Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for chicklits, as most are, but I am an even BIGGER sucker for wedding-oriented chicklits. Why? Because, at the risk of sounding like crazy Bridezilla Victoria (or Bride #3) they're romantic! And sweet! And fun! Good things happen at weddings, right?

"NO!" Screams Jack. In fact, according to this book, terrible and only terrible things happen at weddings, especially if you're cursed by the "Wedding Curse"...

This is what I call a Lost the Plot book. There WAS a plot for it, I'm sure, an even better plot than what we're handed, but it got lost amidst romance, wedding chaos and natural disasters that just happen to take place whenever Jack brings a date to one of her sister's weddings. It's a case of good story, bad execution which is always annoying.

Not to mention being stuck in the head of a whiny, cringe-y seventeen-year-old. I do feel for the girl. I mean, imagine being sucked into wedding things constantly and never having time for yourself or your schoolwork. I'm sure it's beyond stressing but there is one thing to do, and it's very simple.

You open your pretty little mouth and you shape, then say, the words, "Hell to the effing no." It's not that hard. I guess this is what annoyed me most about this book is that Jack is CONSTANTLY complaining about all the wedding errands she gets roped into doing, but never once says no. Truthfully? I was sort of hoping she'd flip out at some point and scream bloody murder. But she didn't. Why?

Because she's the plain, boring, complacent, nice sister. In my opinion, she actually liked being trampled on by her egotistical, horrifying, nasty older sisters. Apart from Sofia, because she seemed genuinely lovely.

Although it did have its aww-worthy moments, it was lost once Leo (or Hot Yo-Yo Guy) came onto the scene. Dear Lord, I have never, in all my 20 years, read about such a boring, quiet, sickly sweet love interest. He was so good, it was boring. Leo always says the right things, always does the right things, he's really really hot (or so Jack says), just perfect in every way. However, instead of coming across as 'sweep-you-off-your-feet-romance' it came across as a 'that-boy-needs-to-grow-a-pair-fast crush'. It worked really badly, considering Jack and Leo are supposed to be 17 and, you know, "mature". I use that word vaguely, mind.

I think, at one point, I even started to question Leo's sexuality, but then I'd remember they kissed quite heatedly, so surely he couldn't be gay? You see? He's that kind of characters. Awkward. Odd. Not sexy.

So you can say this isn't what I was expecting (although I wasn't expecting much to begin with) but I gave it an extra star because it was funny and fast moving. It would've been my worst nightmare if it was a bad story AND slow AND written badly. Thankfully, the writing was a redeeming quality.



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