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But I Love Him

But I Love Him - Amanda Grace Actual rating: 2.5

A very raw, very real story of being stuck in an abusive relationship which strikes up a lot of arguments to the question, "Why didn't you leave him?"

Amanda Grace ([a:Mandy Hubbard|2274221|Mandy Hubbard|]) approaches the topic as subtly as an elephant in a china shop, meaning the book begins at the end, and the transition from perfect relationship to abuse is actually done backwards. Doing it this way, the author said:

"I wrote it because I wanted people to understand abusive relationships, and why the victims of domestic violence don't simply walk away. So often, a person thinks of themselves as too smart to end up in a similar situation. As the person reads, he or she chooses a defining moment (often the first time an abuser pushes or hits the victim) where they say to themselves, "that is when I would have left." From then on, they place a certain amount of blame on the victim for being in the situation in the first place.
By telling the story in reverse chronological order, it removes the reader's ability to judge the protagonist. They don't know the events that led up to the abuse, so they can only sit back and observe."

I gotta say though, man, it worked!

As I said, it's very raw and very real and you MUST keep an open mind when approaching such a subject. If you go into it but you're already judging the characters, you'll hate it and won't get the 'full experience'.

Yes, why DID I give this only 2.5 stars?

Although it's a wonderful book, it could've done with a bit more.

I mean, the mother is never present (and only mentioned a handful of times as the person that stressed out Ann, our MC, the most), and we don't actually understand WHY it got to the point it did. It's very much like a diary: it starts,then just stops and because of this it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

If you want a quick read about a subject that interests you, then this is the book for you (it took me five hours to finish this AND read the discussion at the end), but if you're looking for something deep and meaningful (i.e. something that answers your questions) then look elsewhere because this won't help.

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