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Tease - Amanda Maciel When I requested this book via Netgalley I immediately knew it was going to be psychologically conflicting and very hard to review.

I was right.

[b:Tease|18599901|Tease|Amanda Maciel||26366105] is the story of Emma, a girl that killed herself a few days shy of her birthday, and the people surrounding the 'cause' of her suicide.

Sara and Brielle are your typical high school witches -- they're mean, they're popular and they're very pretty, therefore things come easy to them. Actually, it's not like that. That's Brielle whereas Sara is... the puny sidekick. When Emma Putnam transfers to their school, things begin to get intense. Emma is a 'slut' -- she sleeps with every taken boy she sees, causes arguments then screams WOLF at the top of her lungs and plays victim, and in the middle of it all lie Brielle and Sara who just can't help but use their social status to mock her.

Things begin to spiral out of control, though, in a direction Sara never imagined looking at...

It's a difficult book to review, that much I can say. Do I condone bullying? Absolutely freakin' not. Do I condone suicide? Even less though. As a victim of bullying for many, many years of my life, I have never tried taking my own life mostly because it's the easy way out and I always wanted to fight back.

But this isn't a story about suicide-because-of-bullying. It's different. There's an underlying tension, because Emma pointed fingers before dying... but what was the actual reason? Was it a cry for attention? Was it a cry for help (Maciel speaks about her underlying psychological problems throughout the book, but never really expands on them)? Or did she just want to leave this cruel world? Unfortunately, we'll never know.

However, I saw this book in a different light. Written in Sara's (the 'bully') point of view, we see her facing charges and a trial for what she and her friends (mostly her friends) did. She never wanted Emma to die, never wanted something so atrocious to happen, she just wanted to live a normal high school life with her normal high school boyfriend. Emma's appearance, however, changed all of that.

As I mentioned before, it's very difficult to review, but a very interesting read. A definite eye-opener to what social status and peer pressure can really do.

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