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The Moon and More

The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen Since before I can remember, I have been a huge, HUGE fan of Sarah Dessen. Not only because she's a great writer, but because, as a teenager, everything she writes about is so easy to empathise with. So thumbs up to Sarah Dessen, because "The Moon and More" is another hyping, fabulous story about coming of age, dealing with the good AND the bad and that no matter if your heart is broken, because it will always be okay in the end.

Meet Emaline: she pretty much has it all at the moment. A fabulous family with a mother that loves and adores her, a hot, understanding boyfriend called Luke and her best friends Daisy and Morris. Every girl's need wrapped perfectly into a little package.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and BAM, hello complications! Her [biological] father comes back into the picture with her ten year-old half brother in tow, Benjii. He's just gone through a divorce and is down for the summer to sell off his dead aunt's property. After he flaked on her about paying for college, the last thing she wants to do is spend time with the man that ran away when she was born.

Fast forward a bit more, and her perfect boyfriend Luke is not that perfect. Then in comes Theo, NYU student down for the summer with the daunting Ivy, making a documentary on a closet artist well reknowned around Colby. When Emaline and Luke reach the end of their three year relationship, Theo is there to pick up the pieces and try to 'make her better'. You'll understand the quotation marks once you read it.

It's everything I love in a book: whirlwind romance, an unforgettable summer and the perfect toe curling end. Well done, Dessen. I'm still your number one fan![b:The Moon and More|16101126|The Moon and More|Sarah Dessen||19144117]

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