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Beautiful Malice

Beautiful Malice - Rebecca  James For some odd unknown reason, I keep picking up these heart-wrenching, engaging and emotionally charged novels that leave my sobbing, clutching a pot of ice cream and wondering why the world hates me so much.

After the murder of her sister, Katherine Patterson moves in with her aunt Vivien, far away from her family and childhood home. She meets the charming, beguiling, eccentric Alice and immediately things begin to go back to normal for Katherine. She feels alive, wanted and loved. But little did she know that things were going to get bad very, very soon.

Just the blurb had me grasping for more, and within two pages I was completely entranced, so much so that I began reading this book at 6:30 this morning (2/1/2014) and finished it this evening at 19:30 (2/1/2014). Yep. After 13 hours, far too many coffees and cigarettes, torn up tissues and ugly sobs, I am proud to say I finished it.

Although it might not appeal to everyone, I definitely recommend it to everyone. The unbelievable twists, the agonising cruelty of the world through the eyes of a seventeen year old and a life full of obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, you live and breathe the story just like Katherine does. You feel, you cry and laugh along with her and yeah, sometimes you get angry, annoyed maybe even violent towards those who cause her pain, and yeah at the end you're left empty and emotionless like you might feel after a crazily emotional ride, but it's worth it. The tubs of ice cream, hysteria inducing coffees and boxes of tissues are WORTH IT.

So please, even if you think or know you won't like it, give it a shot.

Because chances are, you're wrong.

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