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Captivated by You

Captivated by You - Sylvia Day EDIT 31/7/2014

Fo' realz? No date, no cover, nada?

Ms Day, you're losing your audience. THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING SO LONG FOR.


A soon-to-be-ex fan.

EDIT 21/5/2014

Oh looky there, still no date. By the time they set a date/reveal the cover/publish the book, I would've lost interest already.

Why is this even happeningggggg?


I'm so fucking mad that there's a fourth book coming out when stuff could've been easily sorted in the 3rd book. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DRAGGING IT OUT SO MUCH?!

Seriously. If in the second and third book they hadn't been screwing around (literally) so much, we'd have an ending to this series already.

And after waiting half a year for the third book, HOW LONG ARE WE EXPECTED TO WAIT FOR THE FOURTH?!


So, so mad.

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