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The One

The One - Kiera Cass WARNING: Major ranting ahead. I will be swearing, screaming and butchering this book like there's no tomorrow. If you don't want to hear the rants of a hot-blooded Italian, then please do not carry on reading.

I shan't be held responsible for my actions.

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It's a fucking shame, really, that I wasted six months of my life waiting for this shitty book to come out. I wish I could give it ZERO stars, because this was the most unsatisfying, ridiculous, rubbish book since the last shitty YA story I read.

You wanna know what the major problem for me was?


Fuck America. I once respected her as a character, but reading this last instalment made me realise how shallow, stupid and dumb this girl really is.

Her stupidity alone made me rethink my first opinions on the series, so here's a fun fact: I'm going to re-read the books, and probably end up 1 starring them, because they are not worth the time.

America, you're a stupid bitch, you know that, right? Instead of causing havoc by defying the king, hooking up with your ex-boyfriend in the palace and being a fucking wimp, here's a fucking suggestion for you: grow a pair, you dumb fuck!

The entirety of this book is America rubbing herself up against Prince Maxon to win his affection, rebel against the king and his orders and screwing around with Aspen, her ex-boyfriend who works (conveniently) as a palace guard. She not only puts herself in trouble, but she puts the LIVES of other people at risk constantly and recklessly.

Then, when Maxon laughs at her, she moans and bitches and runs to the corner to cry because "Ugh, he doesn't want me! I'm not good enough! OMG I want to hook up with Aspen! Oh my life is so fucking difficult and complicated!"

She's a stupid fucking main character, I do NOT see the point in her and I do NOT see the point in her acting like a two-penny prostitute for the crown. At least the other girls had some sort of CLASS.

It wasn't just America that was the problem for me. The narrative SUCKED. It went from smooth and enjoyable in the first and second book to childish, whiny and ugh in this last one. It came off sounding like fan-fiction gone wrong. It just didn't work.

And what the fuck was up with killing half the characters in the last ten pages? What the hell, man? Sure, a rebel fight is a rebel fight, but they basically killed off everyone that would be competition to Dumb Fuck's crown. WHAT THE FUCK.

The romance with Maxon was so forced, it made me gag. You know when you go on an awkward date, and the guy is being really forceful with his words, like, "Hey, honey, you're so hot. Let's get together again," or "Baby, I can't wait to get you back home tonight" and you get that awkward feeling ballooning in your stomach which is half pity and half I'm-going-to-puke-on-your-cheap shoes?

That's what I felt when reading the 'romance' side of this book. It was awful, fake, boring.

I came into this book wanting competition, growing up and maturing and was left with a whiny brat, no competition whatsoever and a whole lot of ass kissing.

Fuck this book.

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