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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne I read this a good while ago but have only just managed to get round to writing a review. I AM REVIEWING THE SERIES AS A WHOLE.

Here's a couple of things we should all think about:

- Why did Collins decide both Peeta and Katniss should survive?
a: Because if Peeta/Katniss died, she would've been bored/got a lot of hate/she thought it wouldn't make the novel as exciting. ARE YOU KIDDING? I WOULD'VE LOVED THAT!

- Why did she create the love-triangle-that-was-never-going-to-happen when there was potential to do so much more?

a: Because love triangles are so IN right now, RIGHT?
Wrong. I loathe love triangles, especially if they aren't executed properly. I reckon the only reason Katniss 'loves' Gale is that they hunted squirrels together, and there were a lot of squirrels in the arena, and that made her sad.

- Why does Peeta remind me of a lovesick puppy? Surely he realises that Katniss in an idiot that is only using him to survive the wrath of Evil President Snow?

a: Katniss is a hot young lady and Peeta is a horny teenager and because they're from the same District, it would've been totally acceptable to boink her brains out.
Seriously though, portraying Peeta as clumsy and incapable of doing anything on his own is actually super annoying. I would've loved him to be more like Gale, considering Gale's attributes aren't really needed because HE'S HARDLY EVER IN THE STORY.

- Why did Katniss start off as a super-strong, kick-ass, bad-ass character, but soon morphed into a whiny, self-centred, idiot?

a: Because having a strong heroine throughout the book would've been stupid. I mean, everyone knows girls can't do anything by themselves, right?

Wrong. Having a strong, main character throughout the whole book would've been totally awesome and it would've proved that girls are JUST AS STRONG/COOL/THOUGHTFUL/WITTY AS MEN.

- Why did Katniss NEVER THINK about anyone but her self?

a: Peeta had nightmares too, you know. He did things he wasn't proud of either. A lot of people in the Districts lost a lot more than just their pride, you self-centred JACKASS.

- What's the back story, guys? What actually happened to North America?

a: I would've loved to know what happened/how it happened. It would've made the story so much stronger because of it.

- Why do we not know anything about the revolution/rebellion/initial uprising that caused the destruction of one of the biggest countries in the world?

a: This gives me reason to believe that Collins couldn't construct a believable enough story to feed us, therefore she decided to omit it entirely.

Big mistake there, lady.

- Is it because [a:Suzanne Collins|153394|Suzanne Collins|] was more interested in the love-triangle-that-was-never-going-to-happen rather than giving us a good, solid background story to rely on?

a: I'm bored of books concentrated solely on love stories. Sure, THG series worked well with the whole I-have-to-be-with-Peeta-otherwise-my-family-and-everyone-I-love-dies-including-Gale-although-he's-hardly-ever-mentioned excuse, but it could've done without the soppy bits and that had nothing to do with the actual story.

- How was this love triangle ever going to work?

a:We never see Gale. He's mentioned a handful of times in the first book, hardly ever in the second book (apart from the totally out of the blue kiss) and he proved himself to be a total Grade A Asshole in the third. [SOURCE: MOCKINGJAY]

- What's the point in writing about The Hunger Games when, as readers, we don't really see much of them because we are constantly inside Katniss' head and her fixation with food?

a:I get that you're poor and hungry but seriously, STOP.TALKING.ABOUT.FOOD.

- Why do we not know much about Peeta?

a: Considering Peeta is an important part of the story, why don't we know anything about him at all? Apart from the fact that once upon a time he chucked burnt bread at Katniss and then stalked her everyday to and from school, we really don't know anything about him. I, as a reader, find it hard to sympathise with him because he's a blank canvas. He doesn't seem like an actual human being.

- Why are his nightmares/fears/obsessions not mentioned?

a: As a reader, I came to the realisation that Peeta saw a lot more horror than Katniss. He became best buds with the Careers who killed everything and anyone in their way and that's a trauma in itself. But I'm going to mention that fact that he was kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned, but we STILL can't sympathise with him because we're constantly inside Katniss' head, skipping training sessions and trying to figure out who she loves more and why the food tastes so different. [SOURCE: MOCKINGJAY]

- Surely he saw more pain than Katniss did in the Games, considering he was part of the Careers, and they had a habit of killing everything and everyone?

a: He did. The answer to this question is that Collins obviously didn't care much for him.

Don't get me wrong, I really, REALLY liked the series, but these questions are questions that we can't just ignore. I'm all for a strong main character, but when you throw in two love figures, I want to know more about them.

And how was she EVER going to make the love triangle work when Gale hardly ever makes an appearance in the books? In fact, if he didn't exist, it wouldn't have made a bloody difference!


^ Can I just mention that the reason Prim died is because Gale designed a stupid-ass bomb? And then, if that wasn't enough, he just buggers off and leaves Katniss to live her life.

So hang on a minute; you DESTROY your love interest's family and then you just disappear? Oh Gale, you really know how to make the ladies swoon for you.

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