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In Too Deep

In Too Deep - Amanda Grace, Mandy Hubbard Actual rating: 3.5

*cue chatshow music*


So today on the show we have SAM!


HOLD YOUR HORSES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The story we have prepared for you today revolves around one single, simple question:

How do you undo a lie?

By telling the truth, you say?

What if it's slightly harder than that?

What if it's easier to go along with the lie, than it is to tell the truth?


Now, now. Let's not judge before we hear the story! Welcome, Sam!

Sam: Hello!

Me: So Sam, care to tell us what story you are here to teach us today?

Sam: Well, it's complicated--

Me: It's not.

Sam: Okay, fine, it's not. So basically, I was in love with my best friend Nick--


Sam: ANYWAY. So I was in love with Nick, but he wasn't, although I was convinced he WAS, so I decided to go to a party and flirt with Mr Popular: Carter.

Me: image

Sam: So, anyway, we got to the party and I saw Carter disappear upstairs, so I thought I'd follow him. He goes into his room and I go after him, and tried to flirt...

Audience: image

Sam: *tearfully* Well, I tried to flirt and he humiliated me! He called me a two-bagger and laughed in my face!

Me: Visual of a two-bagger: image
So not a nice thing to say now, is it?!

Sam: I was quite drunk at that point and tripped and ripped my top. When Carter left, I ran out of his bedroom in tears and bumped into a schoolmate. Crying coupled with my ripped clothes... Well, she jumped to conclusions.

Me: And that was...?

Sam: That Carter raped me.

Audience *le gasp*

Me: And what did you do?

Sam: I... I didn't correct her. Well, at first I didn't really know what people were talking about, but then I remembered the humiliation and embarrassment and realised that Carter really was a horrid person, and decided to continue living the lie.

You see, some times, it's easier to go along with a lie than it is to face up and tell the truth. By that point, I had too much at stake and couldn't do it. I thought, hoped, that because we only had a week of school left, that things would quickly blow over by the time we broke up for summer, and then Carter would leave and it would never be spoken of again.

Me: Did it work out that way? And HOW did the teachers/families not get wind of this?!

Sam: Of course not. And hey, it's a book, the hell you asking me for? All I know is, shit hit the fan by the end and, well, you need to read the book. It did make me realise though, and I guess this is the message, that lying, no matter how easy it might be, is not the right way. You should always 'fess up, admit your mistakes and move on.

Me: Thank you, Sam, for coming on the show! A round of applause, please!

Audience: image

The End

So basically, this book was really rather good. Although incredibly short, and with many questions unanswered (like, how did the teachers and families not hear anything? I mean, they live in a small town, right? Surely EVERYONE would know) it's a brilliant story about right and wrong, and admitting your mistakes.

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