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Prada & Prejudice

Prada & Prejudice - Mandy Hubbard You know when you're at that point where you're JUST about to fall asleep, but not quite there yet?

This is what I felt whilst reading this book.

It has a brilliant and exciting storyline and a brilliant premise, but unfortunately it failed to live up to it. I'm honestly trying to understand how it has so many high ratings. Did we read the same book?

Callie Montgomery is your typical 15/16 year old that nobody really likes or wants to be around. Then, whilst on a trip to London, she decides to woo the attention of The Popular Crowd by buying a pair of red Prada heels. Alas, just her luck! For she falls, bumps her head and wakes up in England... in 1815.

I tried very hard to like this book, and was so excited when I finally managed to get a copy. Unfortunately, it was flat, badly written (as in: "and then we did this and then he said that and omg everyone is so weird, then we had dinner and I went to bed") and boring. I couldn't connect with any of the characters and Callie was, frankly, really bloody annoying.

Incredibly disappointed. 2 out of 5 stars.

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