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Before They Find Us

Before They Find Us - Michelle A. Hansen Thanks to Michelle Hansen for sending me the ARC to read and review via NetGalley.

[b:Before They Find Us|18810467|Before They Find Us|Michelle A. Hansen||26745039] is, by far, my favourite book of 2014. Fast paced, brilliantly written and thrilling, it is perfect in every sense.

Meet Rebecca Hales. She's your straight-A student with only one slight problem.

She witnessed a terrible crime when she was eleven and now they're after them.

Who are 'they'? Good question. Michelle Hansen keeps you on your toes throughout this remarkable story, until the very end.

And who are 'them', you may ask? Them are Rebecca and her best friend/love interest Ryan. Two states away, a bomb goes off in his locker and he's suddenly targeted as a possible terrorist.

They're on the run -- and looking for answers.

It's fast paced, brilliantly written and thrilling -- perfect in every sense. I would, personally, recommend this book to anyone. It might not be your 'type' but I'm sure you would enjoy it nevertheless.

Big thumbs up to Michelle Hansen and her fantastic writing!

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