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When I first picked up this book, I didn't think it would be my cup of tea but after a dear friend recommended it, I decided to read it (considering our taste in books are very, very similar).

Well, all I can say is I was pleasantly surprised! Penryn is a kick-ass heroine that restates your faith that not all authors are subjecting their writing to pitiful Mary Sues and overdone plots. [a:Susan Ee|4890182|Susan Ee|] picked up a subject that hasn't been seen a lot: What if Angels came to this Earth to wipe us out?

Whether you're a believer or not, the idea is pretty damn scary.

When Penryn's wheelchair bound baby sister Paige is kidnapped by the evil angels that have invaded the Earth with the intention to destroy it, she, in turn, kidnaps one of their own and sets out on a mission to find her.

Of course, her 'victim' is fucking gloriously gorgeous. His name is Raffe (or Archangel Raphael) and the fact that he's a grade A asshole with too much sarcasm and an attitude to boot only makes him more irresistible. After he lost his wings to the hooligans that took Penryn's sister, he begrudgingly agrees to help her out.

What I absolutely LOVE about this book is that it's not a love story. It's about survival, fighting and doing everything you can to save the person you love the most. Although they are sworn mortal enemies, both Raffe and Penryn understand that they must trust each other and work together to both get what they need. Throughout the book, an unlikely friendship begins to bloom (and burn) and maybe a little bit of romance, too.

It's not a plot that's been done and overcooked so much it's hard to digest. It's new and heartbreaking and really makes you realise (although entirely fictional) that you should never take anything for granted.

Why did you only give it three stars then?!

The ONLY reasons I gave this three stars is because it fell straight into the heart of the action without giving us any background information on how or why it happened. Penryn mentions a handful of times that the world went crazy when soldiers shot the Archangel Gabriel but that the attacks happened before then.

What attacks? Why did the human race convert into monsters, too?

She also mentions her father a lot and how he left them when Paige had the accident that left her wheelchair bound, but why did he leave? Where is he? What does he do? I'd have liked a bit more information on these details rather than dive straight into the action of the story.

I will most likely raise my rating once I read more of the series, but I would definitely recommend you read this book and if you do so, please keep an open mind.


Thank you Ayesha for recommending me this book!

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