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Requiem - Lauren Oliver WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS SHIT?

I'm not going to bother writing a coherent review, because I am just SO MAD about this.

I was SO excited to read this last book because the second book, although it was bad, was actually likeable, and I thought that it couldn't POSSIBLY be as bad as the first and second book together, so I read it.


Oliver took the great opportunity of the accidental love triangle to base the entire fuckery of this novel on it. Not only was it a pathetic and POINTLESS love triangle, Lena STRINGS JULIAN ALONG TO MAKE ALEX JEALOUS.

Who DOES that? There's a God damn war on and you're worrying about who should get in your pants first?


Here are some stupid fucking examples:

"The girls chews her lip. Alex reaches out and touches her hand, gentle and reassuring, and I am suddenly filled with, head to toe, with the feeling that I am going to be sick."

"I feel another stab of jealousy, watching Alex watching her."

"It's just Coral. Her skin shines a vivid white in the moonlight, and she is wearing an oversized sweatshirt that recognize as belonging to Alex. My stomach clenches. I bring the rifle up to my shoulder, swing the muzzle towards her, think:Bang"

What the fuck is wrong with you, Lena?!

And may I point out that she does all this whilst claiming AND telling Julian that she is madly, head over heels in love with him! Julian, DUMP HER ASS.

Not only that, but Lena is a constant bitch to Julian, except for when she needs him to make Alex jealous:

"I feel unjustifiably angry with him. His presence, his anxiety, is a reminder that there is a difference between his people and mine."

His people and mine. Like he didn't abandon his life to be with you, Lena, you ungrateful little bitch.

"'Good for you,' I cut him off. 'You pulled a trigger.'
Julian looks hurt. I've been horrible to him for days now."

And right at the end, when Lena is too fucking busy making up with Alex, her ONLY thought about Julian is, "I hope he has not been hurt."

I'm so mad. SO mad. That poor guy left EVERYTHING behind to be with you, Lena, and he goes out and FIGHTS to keep YOU safe, but it doesn't matter, because you're too fucking busy getting frisky with Alex.

To that, I say die. Fucking die you slimy twerp.

For that reason only, NO stars. And no review praising the only GOOD aspect of the book: Hana's POV.

Fuck this.

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