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You know what, I'm not going to bother writing an in depth review about this atrocity, so I'm just going to list the pros (which aren't many) and the cons and let GIFs speak for themselves.

Beware: ranting ahead!


- Setting expansion. Carey's descriptions are much better.
- Character growth. I absolutely adored both the King and Charles.


- Rise adds nothing to the trilogy. Apart from getting Caleb killed and getting knocked up, Eve acts more of a fool than in both book one and two put together.
- Suffers with major Last Book Disease. As in the writing is shabby, the story is full of plot holes, and we're given more of a diary experience.
- Carey has managed to make me HATE Eve.
- Stupid, stupid characters everywhere.

The King

He's actually not that bad. If I had been in Eve's position, I would absolutely adore him as a father. I definitely wouldn't try murdering him. He's a character with major flaws, which makes him more real and easier to sympathise with.


Eve, you're a fucking dumbass. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you do drugs? Or were you born an idiot?!

Instead of having Eve grow and mature, Carey gives a character that is selfish, stupid and has her priorities all wrong. Instead of giving us someone to look up to, she gives us someone you want to high five in the face with a shovel. Instead of giving us a heroine, she gives us a twat in princess clothes.

The following GIFs express my reaction whenever Eve did/said/thought something stupid:

- When Eve agrees to assassinate her father


- When Eve finds out she's pregnant


- When Eve is adamant the baby is a girl


- When Eve treats Charles like crap


- Whenever Eve complained about her life



- Whenever Eve constantly disrespects everyone around her


In fact, if you don't read Rise at all, you won't miss anything. It's the least memorable, worst book in the trilogy, which is a shame considering I really liked the first and second books. I tried to like it, and I tried to excuse Eve's behaviour in every way, but to be honest, I wish I hadn't bothered.

What a bore.

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