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“There's a difference between preferring books to parties and preferring sixteen cats to seeing the light of day.”

A sweet, funny, fast read that has you falling in love with chicklits all over again. Admittedly, it took some force of will to get into this, mostly because it sounded really rather young, but once I managed to get through that first 20% I couldn't wait to see what happened next.

The best thing about books -- and books like this one, in particular -- is how well someone can sympathise with the main character. I often find myself not being able to relate with them at all and finding it hard to muster up even an inch of sympathy but that wasn't the case with Julia. She was a funny klutz (in a way that puts Bella Swan to shame, considering Bella only ever tripped up twice in Twilight, whereas Julia is consistently making an ass out of herself) and one with a hidden agenda -- to find her "MTB" (Meant to Be). She's 100% convinced that childhood crush Mark is her happily ever after. But is he?

Come on, we all know the answer!

When Julia heads off to London on a class trip, she is paired with her nemesis, Jason. Jason is the fitty and clown of the class and has made it his school life mission to make Julia's life unbearable -- from stuffing her locker full of tampons to pushing her in a pond when she least expects it. So you can imagine how Julia feels about being his "buddy" for ten whole days. Jason whisks Julia away to a party and it turns out that, wow, she's really quite popular! A huge hangover and several numbers later, Julia finds herself in a mysterious boy's attention line... Chris.

Let me point out that there really is no love triangle/square/heptagon here. From the word go, you know how it's going to end because it's just THAT cliché. But it's not the sort of story that will have you rolling your eyes so hard your brain rattles, but the sort of story that makes you facepalm, laugh and ultimately go "awwwww".

There were points in the book, when Julia and Jason are wandering around London, that seriously had me thinking, "Are you for real?"

Mostly because I'm thinking, at the same time, "American tourists IRL aren't THAT bad." If anything, it's European tourists that make me want to slap a bitch. I don't live in London, but my town is incredibly touristy and small, so we're faced with exchange students every year and they are so damn obnoxiously rude. Of course, I have no doubt that not EVERY European tourist is like that, but I can sympathise with the Londoners in the book.

Definitely a read I would recommend to anyone.

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