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The Immortal Rules

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We are vampires, Kanin had told me, on one of our last nights together. It makes no difference who we are, where we came from. Princes, Masters and rabids alike, we are monsters, cut off from humanity. //">Khanh's glowing review of [b:The Immortal Rules. Since joining GR in 2013, I have not been disappointed by any of the books Khanh has recommended or written a great review for, so I jumped at the chance to read it.

I was not disappointed, so thank you, Khanh and [a:Julie Kagawa|2995873|Julie Kagawa|] for restoring my faith in this iffy genre. Not many (and by 'not many', I mean only 5% of authors I have read) manage to pull off a book about vampires that isn't filled with Mary Sues/Gary Stues, predictable plots/outcomes and downright drippy writing. Kagawa surprised me by creating believable, likeable characters and a plot that surprised me at every twist and turn.

Kagawa combined to popular genres and came out with something beyond brilliant. Not only is it chock-a-block full of vampires, but it's also set in the future. The dystopian angle doesn't give it a sense of cliché or overuse, but it creates a brilliant setting and atmosphere that you can't help falling in love with.

The premise:

All her life, Allison has been Unregistered. Without the tattoo that gives her a number and a place, she lives on the 'Fringe' of the city, scavenging food and living in a gang that depend on each other to survive. She's tough and strong-willed and refuses to seek out the help of the vampires that now rule the city and most likely the world.

When she gets attacked by a group of rabids (monsters that seek out and tear apart their prey in the most cannibalistic fashion), a vampire gives her a choice. Either die, and remain dead, or become the demon she has learned to loathe her entire life...

The summary on its own was enough to peak my interest, but if the book is drab, boring and not to my taste, I am not one to hesitate when it comes to DNFing that shit. This, however, quickly turned into the kind of book I would happily start and finish in one sitting if it weren't for that fact that, y'know, we live in the real world and to survive we need to stuff like go outside and work and all those horrible things.


I was bound to love our MC. First of all, because we share the same name (do you have any idea how amazing it is to read an awesome book with a kick-ass heroine that shares your first name? No? You should totally try it sometime) but also because she is the no-nonsense character a lot of us are dying to read about. She's relentless, tough as bricks and a survivor. Not the kind of survivor we see these days -- you know exactly who I'm talking about -- the ones who cry all of themselves, woe is me, and don't get anything done. Allison has a purpose, something she needs to do and is willing to sacrifice her own life and integrity to do so.

Rather than becoming this:


She became this! (minus the vampire slayer bit):


And when a sexy love interest was introduced, the book didn't become this:


Instead, it was only slightly hinting at romance and didn't make me(a long lasting hater of Instalove and all of its spawns) roll my eyes, tear my hair out, headbutt walls, etc. You get the gist.

Overall, this book has made me incredibly happy that I bought, on a whim, the second book (at a bargain, too!) and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it.

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