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The Dreaming, Vol. 1

The Dreaming, Vol. 1 - Queenie Chan MOTHERFUUUUU--

What is UP with these cliffhangers?!

And I have to wait THREE WEEKS for my library to get Vol II. FML.


On a brighter note! I haven't read a manga since I was... more or less since I was 13, which is sad because I really bloody enjoy them. It's even sadder that there are NO good places around here to borrow/buy mangas, so I have to make do with what I find.

And then I stumbled upon [b:The Dreaming, Vol. 1|330724|The Dreaming, Vol. 1|Queenie Chan||321297]. It's everything I look for in a manga and more. A definite must read.

I've never reviewed one, so I'm just gonna throw some pictures at you.


Pretty pretty artwork makes me happy. I can't stand reading manga if the artwork isn't at least decent.

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