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The Worst Girlfriend in the World

The Worst Girlfriend in the World - Sarra Manning Reviews and more at The Beautiful World of Books!

Alice Jenkins is the worst girlfriend in the world.

This was an adorable read. I finished it in under a day and I found myself giggling and sighing at all the right (and some wrong) places. It's cute as hell and everything I was looking for in a light Sunday read.

I was expecting another Adorkable (which I did not like) but what I found was adorkable characters and a cute story I couldn't stay away from. Once you get past the awfully spelt words (which you can just tell are a way for the author to make the characters sound 'hip' and 'in'. Manning, sorry, but no one abbreviates words to 'postie', 'incredibz', 'awk', 'vom'. It's annoying. Don't do it again) it's a really fast read.

Although I predicted the end from the beginning, I was still delighted with the way things turned out and this book is going on my going-to-read-again shelf!

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