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And One Last Thing ...

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"Get up, you giant cliché," I said, my voice stern, cold. "Get up. Get your ass out of this shower and stop re-enacting scenes from every Lifetime movie ever made. Get up. Get up. Get up!"

Again, I would like thank the amazeballs Inge for recommending this little gem. It's a pick-me-up, a lady-power-roaring babe that is quick to read, easy to laugh with and a great comfort when you're destroying a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Lacey Terwilliger is a woman scorned. Her husband, Mike, has been shacking up with his secretary Beebee, and Lacey wants him to pay...

Thanks to you, he bought a new bass boat, which we don't need; a condo in Florida, where we don't spend any time, and a $2,000 set of golf clubs... which he has been using as an alibi to cover the fact that he has been remorselessly banging his secretary, Beebee, for the last six months.

... in the form of a monthly newsletter sent out to all his friends, clients and family...

Mike Terwilliger will own up to being the faithless, loveless, spineless, shiftless, useless, dickless wonder he is.

But what Lacey didn't expect was for her midnight revenge to backfire. In the midst of divorce war, she runs away and holes up in the family cabin where she tries to enforce the No Penis Policy.

Until "Hugh Jackman" turns up.

My new neighbour, hoo boy. I will admit that the only reason I own the X-Men trilogy on DVD is that I have an unnatural fixation with Hugh Jackman.
And here I was living next door to a Wolverine personified.

Crime writer "Lefty" Monroe wants nothing to do with a newly divorced, probably crazed woman and between ignoring each other, insulting each other and hating on each other, the two kindle an unlikely friendship and a lot of tensionnnnn, ladies.

I loved this book. I mean, I love all chicklits, no matter how bad they are. If they give me the power of curling up with ice cream and having me giggle into the wee hours of the morning, then I will love it.

But Lacey's story was something else. She'd been burned, badly, and took matters into her own hands. She was impulsive, and even though it backfired, she wouldn't have met Monroe if she hadn't taken that chance. There's a lesson in this book, somewhere (if you look really hard) and it was incredibly funny.


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