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**I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

"The only boy good enough for you darlin' is the one who'd sacrifice everything important to him, just to keep you. No matter the cost. Otherwise," he rubbed his jaw, "he ain't worth his weight, pound for pound, in pure solid horseshit. He just ain't, Olivia Grace. You remember that."

Well, what a pleasant surprise.

There must be some sort of unwritten rule that NA should have one or all of the following: a lot of dramatic bullshit, an egotistical, psychotic love interest, a silly heroine who can't do anything for herself and a lot of instalove, sex and whatever other 'romantic' shit you can come up with.

Whilst [b:Stupid Girl|21957919|Stupid Girl|Cindy Miles||41266442] had a lot of the first and second points, it was a very fast, addicting and sweet read and for once, I didn't mind dealing with a ridiculous love interest.

The Summary:

After being drugged and raped by her high school boyfriend, Olivia Beaumont is ready to put her past behind her and start anew at Winston College. An astronomy major, she decides that the only way to bury the past is to move on with your life, no matter how difficult it may prove to be.

Things would be different here. I just felt it. No more stares, no more whispers. No more muffled giggles. No more rumors. No one knew me here. I'd just melt into the population and be a big nobody. Invisible, like a ghost. Perfect.

But distractions come when you least expect it, and in this case it's in the form of a hot, baseball playing smartass.

Just as I turned, a sudden, powerful force slammed into me, taking me down [...] My hat was pushed off my face and he was over me. Arms braced on either side of my head. [...] Then his head lowered and full, firm lips covered mine.
And he kissed me.

Braxton Jenkins is the star pitcher of the Silverbacks, all around manwhore and a pretty, tattooed thug. The kind of guy you wouldn't want to be anywhere near when it's night time and you're rushing home in the dark. And definitely not someone you want to piss off in a bar.

"That's Braxton Jenkins, my darling. Sophomore. Kappa Phi brother. Winston's big dog starting pitcher. Total man slut." Tessa shook her head. "Bad ass, and not in a good way. He's dangerous. Trouble with a big fucking T. If you've got any sense at all, you'll stay away from him."

But he's pushy, annoying and relentless and he knows he just HAS to get to know Olivia, even if it costs him.

The Story:

As I said, it surprised me. I have a lot to say about Brax and the kind of person he is and they're not nice things.

Of course, as in most NAs, he's a psychotic creeper that won't take no for an answer with a deep, dark past just like Olivia. But something about him made me smile and laugh and I could see why their relationship seemed so important in the book. It's the kind of relationship girls think of when someone asks them what their ideal relationship would be. I know that sounds far fetched, but take away his aggressive violence, then Brax really is "the boy for you".

Also, he has a really cute accent. Sorry, but I'm a sucker for those!

We've also got a lovely room-mate who has nothing but Liv's best interests at heart, always looking out for her, cheering her up and just being an all-around nice girl that you can't help loving.

"I still think it's a big mistake. Epic. At the very least, please ask him for his medical papers. That famous dick of his has seen a lot of action, Liv. No telling where it's been." She frowned. "Cold hard truth: He wants in your bloomers. Ring or no ring. Game on. Nothing more." She took in a long breath. "His brain... he thinks with his big, ole, egotistical wiener. All guys do. It leads Brax Jenkins around like a magical porn radar wand."

There is almost 0 slut-shaming, a lot of take-no-shit attitudes a love story that makes you smile. If you go into this book expecting a college life story with some familial ties and some growing up, turn away now. It's not like that. This is a love story and it concentrates a lot on getting Brax and Liv together and getting rid of obstacles that may give the relationship trouble.

And there's a lot of relationship trouble, a lot of drama and a lot of eye-rolling moments. It's a bittersweet journey, but one I wouldn't mind recommending to people.

Although family is a big emphasis on this novel (Brax's lack of family and Liv's overprotective grandfather, mother and three brothers that watch her like a hawk) we don't see much of them, except when it's time to reunite the lovelorn couple, of course.

3.5 stars!

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