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Authors for Goodreads

Authors for Goodreads - Tobias Gavran Just this:

To everyone who writes
Be it romance, poetry, reviews,
Grocery lists, or novels, no matter their views
No matter their rights.
Goodreads is a place of free speech,
And if that makes you screech,
Please… Please…

And this:

The structure of Goodreads’ community seems to be dark and handsome. You may play hard to get, but you know that you want that stranger to wrap their big, muscular arms around you and tell you how beautiful you are. Oh, yeah, baby, let that stranger give you a hickey over the sound of the humming server farms! That’s it. Right there. (Tip #1: If you want to make money, write cheap erotica.)

And this:

{Insert iconic gif of Robert Downey Jr. to pretend this is working at any rate}


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