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The Pull of Destiny

The Pull of Destiny - Hotcheri I remember being completely in love with this story when hotcheri was posting it on FictionPress. So much so that I checked my inbox every week awaiting the newest chapter.

But I think that's what had made me love it so much. Many chapters ended on cliffhangers, and thirteen year old me just had to know what happened next, but in a full-length novel to read, it didn't work out as well as it did online.

The storyline is the same as many, but I really enjoyed the characters, the interracial differences in the relationship between rich-and-important boy Luke and the girl who had nothing Celsi. It's pretty sweet, too, how they work through the hate/hate barriers towards hate/love, and how the relationship progresses and evolves.

However, reading it as a book, I found myself a little bit bored with how things kept taking a turn for the worse, even when it was unnecessary and many issues could've been resolved just by talking to each other.

Kids, it ain't that hard.

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