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Under My Skin

Under My Skin  - Shawntelle Madison "But sometimes, it's the most unexpected plans that lead to the most fascinating places.

Well, you can say that again.

It's taken me a few days to review this, and I wish I could say it's because I've been so darn busy, but the truth is I was am torn on how I feel about this. It's not the best written book out there, and the MC isn't a kick-ass heroine that will bust kneecaps the way a normal girl would eat chocolate (ravenously), but the actual plot is amazing and unique.

"Fewer and fewer are born to be a Water Bearer," she said.
"I don't think I am one." I tried to pull my hand away. "I'd make a poor servant."
Her lips, which had formed a straight line, now offered a chilling smile. "My dear, you are a prize. I hope you're not snatched away before I have a chance to bid on you."
Bid on me? My swallow got stuck in my throat. I fought to take in a breath as my chest constricted. "What are you saying?"
"Congratulations are in order, Tate. You've passed the test."

Welcome to the Guild, a circle of rich, noble people who every year like to hold an auction and buy "servants", or Water Bearers. If they pass the test, these people will never see their families again and instead go live a life of servitude in the city.

Everyone, other than Zoe and I, picked up their suitcases.
"Will we get a chance to say goodbye to our families?" I finally asked.
"Didn't you read the packet?" Astrid continued to usher us out of the room.. I was the last to leave, so I followed Zoe. "You're Aspirants of the Water Bearers. You won't ever see your family again. No one is allowed to pollute you."

Tate passes the test and is auctioned off to the General, an old, horrible man. What she doesn't know yet is that she will never be your run of the mill servant...

My trembling fingers searched every contour of my face. Touched my lips. Pressed into dry cheeks. Nothing had changed. Yet my life had taken an unexpected turn.
I'd been bought and sold and now I knew the horrific truth: General Dagon wasn't dead.
He lived inside of me.

Yep. Basically, the new 'servants' are actually new hosts, where the rich and the noble can transfer their souls into and live forever.


My problem? For about 50%, I was bored. Living inside Tate's head was a chore-- I have no idea how the General pulled it off -- and her internal monologues grated on me. Every time I tried to come up with reasons for her, I kept thinking, "But still" and it sucks so hard when you find yourself bored enough to start cleaning.

Cleaning. I never clean unless I absolutely have to. (It's cool, I live at home so it's not like I live in a barn or anything). And when it finally did pick up? I'd lost interest, which is an even bigger shame.

However, I really, really loved the idea of this book, and I look forward to the next one coming out so we can finally get some answers, but Tate killed it for me. There was so much she could've done and said rather than sleep and eat, and it took her nearly half the book to finally come up with an idea worth reading about. Ick.

3 stars.

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