Aly in Wonderland


Darkfever  - Karen Marie Moning "Assume makes an ass out of 'u' and 'me'."

I dare you to not read Darkfever.

I dare you to not enjoy Mac's internal narration, and her curse-word substitutes: "petunia" for ass and "frog" for fuck.

I dare you to try and stay away from Barrons.

I dare you to not like this new, invigorating, glorious plot.

I dare you to not like every single character you meet, no matter how much of a dickhead they turn out to be.

I dare you to not love the rich background provided, and the histories shown.

I dare you to not fall for all the different species that stalk through the pages of this book.

I dare you to not argue with your feels on more than one occasion.

I dare you to not laugh even at the soberest of times, or when something awful has happened, because the narration is just quirky enough to alleviate the tension for ten seconds.

I dare you to not get all flustered and hot when Barrons speaks, even if you end up hating him immensely half the time, and wanting to punch him for the other half because he's an Alpha male dickhead who will not give you any sort of reasoning for his actions.

I dare you to read the rich descriptions of Ireland and Dublin, and not want to go there.

I dare you to not adore Mac, even when she's trying to be kick-ass and fails miserably.

I dare you to read this and not wish some of it to be real, even if that wish implies terrifying monsters walking the streets.

I dare you to read Darkfever and not love it.


The "Glossary From Mac's Journal" is one reason why you should read this book. It contains treasures such as 'death-by-sex Fae' and 'many mouthed thing'.

Seriously. This book is not only brilliant, but hilarious too. I love Mac.

Review to come!

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