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Siege and Storm

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Oh, my poor, darling Darkling.

He has maimed and killed and threatened and blackmailed and spilled innocent blood, yet I am still rooting for him to win and I am still on his team. I love him so hard, I cannot deal with the feels.

But can we all just take a minute to bow down to the power of Nikolai?! Dear God, that man is just perfect. He's funny, charming and incredibly intelligent -- "he reminds me of a too clever fox." And I LOVE IT.

There is something incredibly satisfying/confusing about shipping two different ships in the same book. I'm all for Alarkling but I'm also for Nikolina. NIKOLAINIKOLAINIKOLAI.

Needless to say, Siege & Storm did not come with the much feared Middle Book Syndrome. It was completely awesome, maybe even better than Shadow & Bone purely for the widening cast of characters, the humour as well as the painful, too-hard-to-read-because-argh bits.

I mean, I spent a lot of time laughing at Nikolai and clutching my battered heart for the Darkling. He's not just a villain any more. He's a boy who has lived too long and wants too much, but who also loves a lot in his own twisted little way. I wanted to press his face to my bosom, pat his head and say, "There, there, it'll be okay."

The action in this one is not only tense, but also crazy. Stuff flies at you out of nowhere. One minute you're sleeping, the next you're under attack. It is filled with information about the amplifiers, the Darkling's life, Nikolai, all the Grisha, the Apparat. There is so much going on that I was worried I couldn't keep pace.

And the fact that I did shows just how good this is.

Speaking of information, it doesn't infodump all over your parade, which is ALWAYS a plus. If something starts reading like a textbook, I'll end up snoozing all over the pages.

Mal, be a darling and fuck off. He is the only downside to the book.

Warning: rant rage ahead!

I am so done seeing "broody, hot" love interests getting butthurt over the fact that their "one true love" doesn't rely on them for shit any more. I saw this in Shatter Me with Adam and Juliette, and I am so fucking done. Seroiusly. Boys, what is your problem? Seriously.

The stronger, better, faster Alina gets, the more of a dick Mal turns into. She tries to make time for him, tries to make him smile, tries tries tries everything, and his response is to get fucked out of his head and screw around with Zoya. For fucking real. Not only is he a cheat, but he's a dickhead cheat, too. Why would you do that? With someone you KNOW your girlfriend can't stand, of all people? Why can you not be a man and just end things and piss off back to the little hole you crawled out of THANKS TO ALINA? He is so ungrateful, so emo, so angsty about his "minor" role in Alina's life that I just want to batter him with a goddamn shovel. Asshole.

The best part is that he enjoys laying the blame on Alina. "You're too powerful", "you're too pretty now", "you're not the girl I used to know". Well, no shit Sherlock. She's come into her own and grown and is no longer dependant on your sorry ass.


He never compliments her or makes her feel good. He's just there to make her feel like shit. Great boyfriend/best friend you are, Mal. Good job there, dickwad. Go play in traffic.

If Mal dies, I will dance and dance and dance.

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